Polisario-Dispearances : a NGO submits to Amnesty requests regarding concrete cases

The calls made by NGO Moroccan and international organizations to the Polisario leadership and Algerian authorities to shed light on the destiny of some Sahrawis who disappeared in tindouf camps, remain hopelessly without any feedback.
An nth attempt to clarify these cases of forced  disappearance , has been undertaken on Friday 2nd July by the association of those reported to be missing (APDP), which has just transmitted  to International Amnesty Section in Rabat, some requests regarding cases of Sahrawis who have disappeared or been kidnapped in Tindouf camps. The APDP attributes such acts to Polisario armed militias with the complicity of Algerian services from the famous Intelligence and Security Department).
Not later than last June, an official from the Polisario leadership, Ahmed Berrih who was in charge of security services in Tindouf camps, has been kidnapped by the Security and Intelligence Services while he was about to secretly join Morocco. He should be at present detained by the SIS, in a secret place in Algiers suburbs. Inquiries reports, that the APDP has just submitted to Amnesty International, concern the cases of Armouch Brahim, Aslma Bighiden , both of them have disappeared in 1975), Azman Moulud Derbal (kidnapped on 11th March, 1976) and Hamdi Ben Ali Salem Ben Mohammed Yahdih, whose presence in one of the Polisario prison was notified in 1980.

After that time, nobody knew anything about him. The Association declares itself determined to go to the end to shed light on the destiny of these Sahrawis who disappeared in Tindouf camps. To put theses objectives into effect, the APDP is regularly organizing meetings and press conferences to make the public opinion aware of the situation prevailing in Tindouf camps and atrocities from which are suffering the parents and families of Sahrawis who disappeared or were detained in Polisario jails.


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