Sahrawis – CDH : An African NGO denounces Polisario atrocities in Tindouf

An African NGO has denounced the atrocities, committed  by the Polisario military junta, in places where Sahrawis are living in Tindouf, in the South-West of Algeria. It is in front of the UN Human Rights Council (CDH) in Geneva, that the international Committee for the respect and application of the African Charter on human and Peoples’ rights has talked about its concern following observations included in  international recent reports stating the serious violations of human rights in Tindouf camps.
Taking the floor during the 14th session of the CDH, Franz Mekyna has declared that the CIRAC was alarmed by atrocities committed by the Polisario Front in the camps where thousands of persons are sequestrated, without defence and resources. Deploring the impunity from which benefit the persons responsible for theses violations, the CIRAC representative wished to draw the Council’s attention to the precarious and delicate situation in which the Sahrawi people are compelled to live under the Polisario dictate.
The CIRAC referred to the report prepared in 2010 by Amnesty International, which confirms that the Polisario Front has recognized to have committed human rights violations in the past.

Nevertheless, It has not given, according to the same report, any indication about the place where Sahrawis are detained, the number of detained people, torture and bad treatments or the cases of death in custody, neither presented those responsible for abuses to justice. The victims’ testimonies and reports of international NGO on slavery, torture, forced disappearances and internment, are a source of major concern for the CIRAC, as indicated by the speaker. Mekyna has, on the other hand, informed that the major part of the international humanitarian aid assigned to the populations in the camps is sold in the black market by Polisario leadership which bumped up the number of sequestrated to manipulate donators and relief organizations.


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