Call to the UNO for the freedom of the populations sequestrated in Tindouf camps

The obvious human rights violations, particularly the right to freedom of opinion, expression and movement, represent the everyday suffering of Sahrawis under tight surveillance since 35 years in Tindouf camps in the South West of Algeria. These inhuman and precarious life conditions have been strongly denounced these last two days, in Rabat and New-York in front of the 4th  UNO committee.

The committe holding its meeting from 5 to 7 October, has heard many petitioners, among whom political personalities, NGO members and experts who have denounced despicable human life conditions and the systematic attacks to human rights in Tindouf camps. The image presented by the Polisario to the international public opinion about life in the camps, does not reflect the reality, has maintained an American human rights militant, Mrs Gale Sherrill who has stayed, in 2008, in the Southern Morrocan Provinces. She has called the UNO and its agencies to make all possible efforts in order to set a strategy that would allow the Sahrawi populations, kept against their will in Tindouf, to rejoin their homeland (Morocco) without any fear of reprisals.
There is no need to spend millions of dollars in the Algerian desert  inhospitable environment, only the free return to Morocco of the sequestrated populations, can put an end to their sufferings.
The Director of the British NGO « Freedom for all », Tanya Warburg has intervened to denounce the human tragedy prevailing in these camps, mainly the « violent and brutal » loss of all freedom aspects. Warburg has even deplored the forced detention of thousands of men, women and children in these camps and the denial of their basic rights since 35 years. She has also condamned all repressive acts committed by the Polisario and its mentor Algeria, against all person expressing its support to the autonomy plan presented by Morocco. That was recently the case of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud kidnapped on the 21st September, by the Polisario militias and their agents from the Algerian military intelligence services, for having publicly supported this plan.
These same claims have been expressed on Wednesday 6th October, during a sit-in organized in front of the Algerian embassy in Morocco. Douzens of Moroccan associative participants and human rights defenders have asked for the release of the persons sequestrated in Tindouf camps. These militants have maintained the necessity to continue the mobilization, at the national and international level, for the return to the home land of all the Moroccans sequestrated in the Algerian territory. They have also called for the opening of the camps in front of the international media to uncover the real life conditions of the populations retained against their will in these camps. A call has been also launched for the census of these populations by the UN bodies.




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