The case of Mustapha Salma is an indication of human rights situation in Tindouf

The fact that  the imprisonment of the Polisario dissident, Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud is still continuing despite the false announcement on October the 6th of his release, says a lot about the respect of human rights by the Polisario and the treatment reserved to the Sahrawi populations herded in Tindouf camps, in Algeria.
A situation which preoccupies his family as well as the community of human rights defenders. The international NGO, among which Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and FIDH have all denounced the arrest and secret detention of Mustapha Salma. An imprisonment considered totally arbitrary, since Mustapha Salma has only expressed his opinion in favour of the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Western Sahara.
On his side, the father of the Polisario dissident, Ismaili Moulay Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, an octogenarian weakened by age and his son’s difficult situation, continues calling for putting more pressure till the real release of Mustapha whose destiny remains still unknown till now.

On their side, specialists of security issues, the Director of the Observatory for Geopolitical Studies in Paris, Charles Saint-Prot, has pointed out the responsibility of Algeria hosting  Polisario on its territory. For him, Algerian authorities are responsible for the security of populations in Tindouf and should guarantee their basic rights, including their right to the freedom of expression and movement. 
Charles Saint-Prot has also said that Mustapha Salma « has been arrested and persecuted simply for his opinions while he only wanted to inform the Tindouf populations about the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco ». The Polisario dissident Mustapha Salma « should not only be released but he should also benefit from all his freedom of opinion and movement, namely by having the possibility to meet his family and relatives », has insisted Charles Saint-Prot.


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