Tindouf : Pressure continues for the release of Mustapha Salma

Mobilization still going on and NGOs continue taking turns requesting the release of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, the Polisario dissident who has been arrested and detained in secret place, for having defended the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco for the settlement of the Western Sahara conflict.
Human rights defenders from everywhere have also questioned the Polisario about the announcement it made concerning the false release of the dissident, on October the 6th. An announcement which was revealed, afterwards, to be a simple manœuvre to divert the attention and relax the pressure exerted by the media and NGOs  after the arrest of Mustapha Salma, former Polisario police chief.
Thus, after the HRW, Amnesty International and the FIDH, French and Moroccan academics have also denounced the detention in secret place of Mustapha Salma for the simple reason that he expressed his intention to defend the Moroccan autonomy plan among the Sahrawis in Tindouf camps, settled in Algeria. « they told us he was released, but we are still without news from him », has declared the director of the Observatory of Geopolitical Studies in Paris, Charles Saint Prot.

Moreover, the case of Mustapha Salma is but an example which shows Polisario and Algeria’s abuse against Sahrawis sequestrated in these camps in the Algerian desert, has stated Charles Saint Prot, founding member of the supporting committee in Ould Sidi Mouloud, created in Paris by a group of jurists, lawers and French university professors.
The Committee has reiterated its call to the international community to put pressure on Algeria so as to push it to assume its responsibility as the hosting country and to protect the Sahrawi populations living in conditions « totally unacceptable ».


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