A US journalist , witness of a connection between the Polisario and Al Qaïda

There is for sure a connection between the Polisario and the terrorist network Al qaïda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). It is an American journalist, adopting till this date the separatist movement thesis, who attests upon his return from a visit to the Tindouf camps, of this connection. The statement made by Richard Miniter, a well known investigating journalist, has been published on the « New York Post » in the Tuesday edition. Some links have been established between some 56 Polisario leaders and people in the army with the terrorist group (Al Qaïda) », underlines Miniter, confirming that the « with no law territory of the Sahara is on its way to become the next Afghanistan », with a presence becoming further important of the  terrorist cluster in North Africa. Tackling the situation on the field based on a comparative analysis, Richard Minter who was also in the Western Sahara, noted the efforts made by Morocco in the Southern provinces while the sequestrated population in Tindouf camps are living in difficult conditions. Morocco, a constitutional monarchy which contains more than 30 political parties, as he stated, has mobilized billions of dollars to make a prosperous and stable society in the South.

Whereas, the Polisario, according to the American journalist, forbids political parties and independent media. Its leaders promise that once their state would be independent, they would adopt a multiparty democracy. But, what are they waiting for ? », wonders Richard Minter. On the economic level, he continues, the camps led by the Polisario front rely on the charity of foreigners, Algeria, United Nations, European governments and non-profit-making humanitarian organizations.
It is not sufficient. Each year, many people disappear in the desert. Some go to Morocco, others join drugs smugglers or Al Qaïda, underlines Miniter. The latter also said that the vice-governor of the Polisario in laayoune camp told me in confidence « some four or five people » disappear each year. His camp is only one among five others, said the writer journalist. He also evoked another meeting with the former Polisario leader who escaped from the camps and told him in confidence those information on the existence of arms traffic with Al Qaïda. And the American journalist wonders : « if the Polisario is not capable of controling its territory, considered somehow small today, how would it do to patrol a desert of 165.762 km which it wants to govern ? ». the American journalist has come to the conclusion that a fair solution to settle down this problem resides in the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco. It gives to Sahrawis the possibility of sharing the revenus of mining and fishing resources, while having the power to elect their own leaders and have their own legislative body. The only difficulty resides in the fact that the Polisario prefers to rule in hell rather than serve in the paradise.


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