Laâyoune : a group troublemakers in the Gdim Izik camp is under control

A day not like the others. The day of Sunday 7th November has been so tense in the tents camps of Gdim izik in the East of Laayoune where Sahrawi families confined themselves to assert their social claims for lodging, employment and social aids. While the public authority are making their possible to satisfy this population’s claims, as stated by our correspondent being present there, a group of crooks and ex-prisoners armed with large knives and cudgels has tried by force to prevent the families, whose claims were satisfied, to take their tents and go back to their home in the city of Laayoune. Clashes, altercations, even fights took place between the group of young crooks and the families and persons who wanted to leave the camp of Gdim Izik. The latters have thus asked for the intervention of the order forces to help them leave the camps and to make order prevail in the camp.
After many negotiations, the troublemakers  have continued their provocations, threats and intimidations against the families established in the camp.
Among the latters, are ex-prisoners, individuals wanted by the police within the frame of common rights cases invoved in different cases of drugg traffic, illegal immigration and smuggling.

Dozens of women, children and old people have complained about physical and psychological threats aiming at persuading them not to leave the camp or demolish their tents.
Composed of elements from the Royal gendarmerie and non-combatant services, order forces units have started, from early Monday morning, arresting disruptive elements opposing the demolishion of tents and the departure of families wishing to do so after having been satisfied.
Once the legal investigations are done, legal action is being taken against the arrested persons to be accountable for their deeds.
The intervention of the order forces has happened under the supersvision of the legal authorities, nevertheless, it ended with some injured people among whom the troublemakers. The committees set up since two weeks ago, composed of public authority, chioukhs from different Sahrawi tribes, elected representatives and civil society representatives, continue examining case by case, the social claims expressed by these inhabitants of Laayoune. The majority of claims have been satisfied by giving pieces of land, employment and social aids.


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