Mustapha Salma’s father and brother turned back by force from Algiers

In Algeria, the humanitarian cases, should be looked for elsewhere, since even the Algerian citizens are neither heard nor respected. Such is the case of Ismaili Moulay Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud which having no more news about his son Mustapha Salma since its kidnapping on the 21st September, has decided to go to Tindouf camps to inquire about the life conditions of his five grand-children and their mother. Ismaili, whose health is very weak taken into consideration his old age, was accompanied in his long trip, by his son Mohamed Cheikh and two of their friends.

But to their great surprise, the moment they arrived to Algiers Airport from where they were supposed to take another plane to go to Tindouf, the Algerian authorities in the airport have taken their passport. They have also received the order not to leave the airport international zone.
Contacted by some MAP journalists in Algiers, 10 hours after their  landing, Cheikh Mohamed who presides the Action Committee for the release of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, has told them that till 1.00 a.m (local time) « the airport is getting  empty and there is nobody else but ourselves and the maintenance staff. We have not yet  receive any response. Our passports are still confiscated. We are still waiting for a response ».
But in vain, the rest of the story was known in advance. Mohamed Cheikh who was worried about his father’s health, has denounced the « negligence and indifference » with which the Algerian authorities treated them.
It is only the following day morning that Ismaili and his accompanying people were informed of the airport authorities’ refusal to let them continue their trip to Tindouf. So, they were simply turned back from the Algerian territory and taken by force on board of an Air Algeria plane which took them to Madrid, their point of departure. « Algerian authorities have made us clear their refusal to allow us to enter the Algerian territory », has simply declared Mohamed Cheikh who preferred not to comment the Algerian authorities’ attitude for fear of reprisals or of being mal-treated while he was still on the Algerian territory.
The action committee for the release of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud has recently expressed its concern about the destiny of Mustapha Salma, whose health conditions continue deteriorating and his life is in danger as he was injured by bullets. The Polisario militia have shooted at him while he was trying to escape from the secret place he was imprisoned in, next to M’heriz. According to some foreign observers in Algiers, the Department for intelligence and security (DRS –Algerian military intelligence service seems to have given strict instructions to the Polisario leadership to observe a total black-out on Mustapha Salma’s case. Apart from a laconic release which announced on the 6th Octoer, the release of Mustapha Salma, an information which, later on, proved to be false, the Polisario did not say anything about this issue. The attitudes of the Algerian regime, full of innermost hostility towards Morocco and the Moroccan people, are  no more surprising anybody and the separatist movement does only obey to its masters.



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