Western Sahara : the picture condemning the Spanish media

To pass from an information body to a defamation one has become very frequent for the Spanish media. A real trap in which has fallen the official Spanish press agency « EFE », inducing a great number of Spanish newspapers to do the same. As the EFE did not have any images about Laayoune violent scenes, images which match its side against Morocco, the EFE did not find better than looking in electronic sites and blogs of the Polisario and its sympathizers. Without the slightest measures, the EFE journalists have simply taken a picture of Palestinian children injured at their heads during an Israeli attack in June 2006, presenting it to be the picture of children injured in Laayoun in November 2010. The picture was soon re-used by all the important Spanish newspapers, without verification or crosscheking. Practices which are, nevertheless, usual in all newspapers. This is but an example among others of the obvious tendency towards disinformation from the Spanish media, but also the Algerian media which have no more respect for their readers or the public opinion. This picture has been re-used by the daily papers « El Pais », « El mundo », as well as by some electronic newspapers such as « El Semanal Digital », the free publication « Qué » and by other foreign media adhering to the EFE Agency services. These practices full of gratuitous hostility, taken side and based on planned falsification of the reality and the facts, have been vigorously denounced by Morocco.

The Moroccan Minister for Communication has deplored the drift of the Spanish press correspondents in Morocco, who report total imaginary events, for example : hundreds of dead bodies were abandonned in the city streets. These same correspondents, who did not say a word about the terrible violence of certain pro-Polisario elements, have cut the throat or disemboweled 12 members from the security forces. The latters have, nevertheless, received the order to show great reserve while facing these professional hords, trained to pitilessly kill and devastate.


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