The shocking video

Disgusting! Difficult to qualify these images showing a bloodthirsty murderer pissing on the body of a dead person from the order forces whose throat has just been calmly cut. One has to summon up one’s courage to continue till the end the disgraceful sequences. This video is but an example of the despicable violence which was provoked on the 8th November, in the city of Laayoune, by a gang trained on destruction and subversive action. In front of them, elements from the unarmed order forces and civil protection, having received the instructions to re-establish order with the minimum possible damages and the maximum reserve.

They were far from suspecting that they were facing determined groups, hardened in the Polisario camps in Algeria, to the handling of incendiary missiles, Molotov cocktails and panoply of knives. Since the building of the Gdem Izik tents camp outside the city of Laayoune, the Moroccan authorities have privileged dialogue in order to satisfy the social claims of the protestors. But, it was quickly made clear that the camp was in the hands of well trained groups serving the Political agenda of the Polisario and its Algerian godfather. Well organized, these groups have started preventing people who wanted to leave the camp, from doing so. Finally, the authorities have intervened to demolish the camp, while taking all the precaution so as to preserve the physical integrity of the persons who were taken hostages there, without using arms, neither inside the camp nor during the savage acts of destruction and vandalism which took place in the city. The result of this unequal confrontation in its intentions and its means is there to prove it : not even one bullet was shot by the Moroccan order forces. But these same forces deplore 10 dead persons, all savagely slaughtered, among whom one member of the civil protection and more than 70 were injured.


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