Western Sahara : A torturer at the head of the separatist delegation to the WSF in Dakar

The chief of the Polisario, Mohamed Abdelaziz, has committed a monumental blunder by nominating one of his advisers to lead the delegation of separatists to the World Social Forum (WSF) taking place in Dakar. The Advisor in question, proved to be a jail torturer in Tindouf camps in the South of Algeria. Bachir Sahir, alias Kissinger, has been recognized by one of his many victims as his bloodthirsty torturer who has submitted him to bitter tortures during his five years of detention in sad conditions at the famous Arrachid prison. Hundreds of other Moroccan Sahrawis who have spent some time in this prison, are still keeping bitter souvenirs of it.
The torturer Bachir Sahir was exposed Tuesday at Dakar University by the President of the Human Rights Association « Light and Justice », Mohamed Cherif, who states that during his detention in Arrachid, this man has savagely tortured him in violation of all the international conventions.

The psychological shock was so intense when Cherif found himself face to face with his torturer who was strutting about freely in Dakar, while a complaint was lodged against him at the Belgium justice. All the sufferings and pain of the imprisonment years , which he thought to have forgotten, have suddenly emerged, related the victim with great emotion.
Cherif relates that the Polisario dangerous torturer has received the instructions to subdue any attempt of the sequestrated persons to express a position against the ideology  and the thesis of the separatists band and their Algerian masters.
To give more clarifications to the public opinion about the profile of his torturer, the President of the “Light and Justice” association has specified that Bachir Sahir has no link and connection with the Western Sahara. He was born in TIndouf, in the Algerian territory, and has never been in the Moroccan Territory, at the Western Sahara.
Nevertheless, Sghir, thanks to his family relationship with the wife of the SADR President, Mohamed Abdelaziz, he has held the position of Polisario representative at many countries, namely, the United States of America. At present, he is adviser to Abdelaziz.
To take his revenge and denounce the massive violations of human rights in Tindouf camps, Mohamed Cherif has created, since his release, many associations in Morocco, Netherlands and Canary Islands.


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