The Spanish political parties’ support to the Polisario highly denounced by a Spanish NGO

The support of certain Spanish political parties to the Polisario was sharply criticized by some Spanish families who were victims of the separatist movement terrorist acts.
A delegation from the Polisario went this week to Spain to ask for support to the referendum option for the Western Sahara. The Spanish socialist Workers’ Party (OPSOE – presently in power) having refused to support the separatists’ thesis, other political parties, namely from the right wing, at their head the Popular Party (PP – opposition) have held some meetings with the Polisairo emissaries. These parties were sharply criticized by the Canary Islands association for the victims of terrorism (ACAVITE). The Spanish NGO which regroups the families of 300 Spanish fishermen who were kidnapped and assassinated in the years 1970 and 1980, by the Polisario armed elements, has sharply denounced such meetings which support a terrorist movement similar to the Basque separatist organization “ETA”.

In a release published by the Spanish media, the ACAVITE was indignante that its members, more than that, Spanish citizens, have never been officially received by the executives of these political parties which did not pay any attention to the cause it defends,  while they were determined to defend the cause of a terrorist movement. The ACAVITE has, moreover, denounced “the irresponsible and intolerable impunity and social and media indulgence” towards the Polisario, while the “Canary Islands victims of Polisario terrorism are always kept in a state of ostracism and neglect.
According to the ACAVITE presided by the journalist Lucia Jiménez, the families of victims, originating for most of them from the Canary Islands,  are still waiting to be indemnified by the Spanish State for the murders and kidnappings made by the Polisario. In last November, the NGO has asked the Parliament for a “public gratitude” for these victims and the taking of legal actions against the persons who have committed these terrorist acts. They contested the grants given periodically by the Spanish government to the Polisario.
The ACAVITE has been created in 2006 to obtain justice and reparation for the families of Canary Islands fishermen, the victims killed cowardly by Polisario armed elements. The members of the association are wondering till when the Polisario bloodthirsty elements would be authorized to move freely in the Spanish territory?


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