The Polisario gets ready for a series of mass demonstrations in Tindouf camps

Taking advantage of the wind of freedom releasing the Arab peoples from the dictatorial regimes, the Sahrawi populations in Tindouf camps, are preparing in secret, their own revolt against the depraved Polisario leaders who are keeping a tight rein on them since more than 35 years. The early beginnings of this revolt appeared on Monday 28th February, with the organization of the first demonstration in front of the so-called presidency of the Polisario Front in Rabouni. It was conducted by dozens of Sahrawi families who came to claim the immediate repatriation of some 400 of their sons sent to study in Libya and hundreds of young Sahrawis recruited by Mohamed Abdelaziz militias, before being sent to Libya, to fight with the forces being still faithful to the leader Mouammar Kadhafi.
Slogans of the kind “No to the use of our children to support the dictator Kadhafi”, “No to the dictator of the Algerian regime sending our children to participate to the genocide of the Libyan people”, were chanted by the demonstrators.

But, the crowd of demonstrators was quickly dispersed by a strong intervention of the armed militias led by the Polisario chief, Mohamed Abdelaziz. Many associations and groups working illegally in the camps of Lahmada, have called these last days, the Sahrawi populations of Tindouf to revolt against the dictate Mohamed Abdelaziz and his henchmen and against the Algerian regime supporting blindly and unconditionally his accomplices.
Moreover, a group of dissidents till now almost unknown, referred to as “the revolutionary young Sahrawis” has called for a sit-in in front of the “RASD” presidency headquarters, in Tindouf”, on the next 5th March, at 10 o’clock, a day which coincides with the anniversary of the proclamation of the first government of this puppet government.
In its release, a copy of which was received by Sahara News, the non-recognized group “Sahrawi Revolutionary Youth” specifies on the occasion of this sit-in that the Sahrawi populations want to claim more “social justice, struggle against corruption and tribalism and give a new lease of life to the Sahara issue”.
The « Sahrawi revolutionary youth» has also shown its support to the “khat Achahid” movement, a dissident reformist current emanating from the Polisario Front. This movement has recently addressed a request to the Algerian authorities to authorize its militants and sympathizers, representatives from the independent press and the international civil society to go to Tindouf camps to participate to the sit-in of March the 5th.
According to the last information from Tindouf, the writers of the call to demonstrate, namely Aba Lahbib, ex-president of Daira Guelta, Said Zeroual and Baba Mouichen, have been arrested and violently tortured by the men of Ould Lakik.
Many wall transcriptions denouncing the present situation were distempered in Lahmada disseminated camps.

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