The Polisario participation to a debate in Paris, judged « inadmissible and shocking »

The participation of a Polisario representative to a debate, held this week-end in Paris, on the humanitarian right and international justice, has been judged « inadmissible and shocking” by the International association (CAI Almohagir, dedicated to defend Sahrawi populations’ rights in Tindouf camps.
In his reaction, Prof Mohamed Mraizika, President of this association, based in France, said to be surprised and indignant by the presence in this conference dedicated to a debate about the principles of international human rights (DHI), of the representative of a movement, which mercenaries were sent to Libya to fight the civil rebels who are against the regime of colonel Mouammar Kadhafi.
In a reaction to an intervention from the representative of the Polisario in France, Omar Mansour, who has started delivering false statements, allegations and unfounded accusations, Mraizika, a consultant and researcher in Social Sciences and in Humanitarian International Law, has reminded that the links between Kadhafi and the Polisario mercenaries go back to many years ago and have always been so close.
The president of CAI Almohajir, which regroups since its creation in 2007, about sixty NGOs present in 10 countries, has recalled that it was colonel Kadhafi who, in the early 70s, has financed the creation of the Polisario, has equipped it with armaments and has always supported it, even if Algeria has, since then, taken over.

Today, he stated, the Polisario tries to return the favour to the Libyan guide in recognition of his great generosity, by participating to the genocide of the Kadhafi clan against the civil populations.
Mraizika has judged of “inadmissible and shocking” the participation of the representative of a movement having declared links with Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (Aqmi). The organizers, has he supported, have committed a “serious error” while granting to Omar Mansour “a speaker’s plateform within a respectful university” (the international university students’ residence in Paris).
It is known, has he said, that the Polisario takes its financial resources from the arms traffic prevailing in the region (Sahelo-Saharian), kidnappings of Western citizens and the misappropriation of humanitarian aids intended for Sahrawi populations.
In Tindouf camps, the Polisario, Mraizika  pointed out Mraizika, leads methodically a policy of horrible repression and hardship, against the civil populations, at a time when these camps escape from every international control, and are forbidden to get access even to HCR missions.
Thousands of families, has he said, are retained in these camps of shame, outside any legal frame, and deprived of the right to move, communicate and express themselves freely, and thousands of Sahrawi children are transported each year to Cuba, for their indoctrination.
The presence of one of the Polisario executives in this conference is « an insult » to the populations sequestrated in Tindouf camps, has concluded Mohamed Mraizika.


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