Geneva : Polisario abuses presented before the Human Rights Council

The situation of the Sahrawi populations in continuous decline since decades in Tindouf camps in Algeria, under the Polisario pitiless expropriation, was once again denounced in Geneva, before the UN Human Rights Council (CDH).
This cynical status quo imposed to Sahrawi generations, serving shameful political ulterior motives in the region, has been declared on March 11th, before the CDH by the Union of Feminine Action (UAF). Hajbouha Zoubeir, UAF representative and herself of a Sahrawi origin, has denounced the isolation in which are kept the Tindouf camps, far from the eyes of international observers and independent media. A situation which had for effect to trivialize Polisario Front abuses against the Sahrawi populations and the violation of their more basic rights. At the top of these flouted rights, that of freedom of expression and movement. Thus the Sahrawis’ movement inside The camps are strictly regulated while the movement outside camps obey to prior authorizations given sparingly.

This security tightening up has been operated by the Polisario to face the Sahrawis’ increasing claims against the sinking of negotiations on the Western Sahara. The young peoples’ opposition to the Polisario leadership has particularly increased since Morocco has put its autonomy proposal on the table of negotiations. The suppression of clashing voices has also become more intensified with the persecution and imprisonment of any person who dares support this plan. The dissident Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, former Polisario executive, who has been forced back from Tindouf camps for having defended the autonomy proposal, has become today the emblematic hero for these young rebels.


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