Polisario : A hard shock after another two countries withdrawing their recognition of the SADR

The Polisario isolation at the international level became even worse. This is due to Zambia and the Papua New Guinea’s recent decision to withdraw their recognition of the « Sahrawi republic ». An entity strongly recommended by the Polisario and supported by Algeria, but which has never been recognized by the UNO, neither by any European State or any state from North America. Today, few African countries and some others from South of America which had recognized this « Republic on paper » within the cold war context, start reconsidering their decision which they judge to be hasty. In the agitation of the 60s and 70s  of the last century, Algeria and the Kadhafian Libya have tried by all means to weaken Morocco, pro-Western at their eyes.

By welcoming the separatist Polisario Front and provinding it with arms and money, they have vainly tried to impose a republic to the international community. This republic had no real existence and did not fulfill the legal and political conditions required for the existence of a State. More and more aware that the Western Sahara problem is in fact a regional conflict, result of the cold war friction, the countries essentially African and Latino-American ones which have recognized the so-called republic, have thus started withdrawing their recognition of an entity which does not exist in reality. Just during the last decade, more than 30 countries came back on their decision taken at a time of upheavals. This hemorrhage weakens more than that the Polisario and Algeria   being confronted to pressure imposed by the international community to act towards a political settlement proposed by Morocco. The plan aims at putting an end to a conflict which has too much lasted and which main victims are dozens of thousands of persons sequestrated in Tindouf camps, in the Algerian desert, and deprived of their fundamental rights to freedom of  movement and expression.


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