Polisario trapped by the making of a documentary in Tindouf camps

The Polisario leaders get themselves trapped when they authorized the shooting of  this documentary on the pro-slaver practices in Tindouf camps. Now that the documentary is programmed in the New York festival, the representatives of the sepratists have tried by all means to prevent its screening. Nevertheless, Violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw, the two makers of the documentary « stolen » or the enslavement of modern times in Tindouf camps (Algeria) have been authorized, upon recommandation of the Polisario representative in Australia, Kamal Fadel, to go to Tindouf camps for the shooting of the film. Initially, the Polisario leadership authorized  this shooting  with the idea of making some free of charge propaganda for its separatist thesis. But during their sejourn in the camps, the makers have come to the grisly discovery of the modern floods of slavery and decided to immortalize these images and victims’evidences (women and children). Despite of the pressure made by the separatists and their Algerian mentors and lobbyists for the cancellation of the documentary’s screening at the Lincoln Centre in New York. Refusing to surrender to Polisario pressures and blackmailing , Violeta Ayaa sticked at the screening of her documentary, ensuring that « many persons  in the film want to have their voice heard ».

« How can we reduce to silence all the voices and prevent them from giving evidences ? » has she asked.
For Mahen Bonetti, founder and director of the 18th NYAFF edition taking place under the theme : « human rights », it concerns « a strong message that we try to pass through this documentary ».
Created in 1993, the NYAFF has become an annual meeting and absolute must for cinema lovers   because it is exclusively dedicated to African cinema.
The documentary « Stolen or slavery of modern times in Tindouf camps » (Algeria), has already been prizewinner in many festivals in Canada, in the United States, in Nigeria, in Montenegro, in Porto Ricco, in Ecuador, in New Zealand and in Poland. Wherever they move, the Polisario separatists are quickly unveiled and their demagogy keeps losing its tonus, there is almost only Algerians of the former Boumediene clan and certain Western lobbyists who still believe in that.


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