An American institute wants to give media coverage to Mustapha Salma’s story

The story of the Polisario dissident, Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, deserves to be known as it reveals a painful human rights case. This is the declaration of Joseph Grieboski, President of the American Institute for Religion and Public Politics (IRPP). In an interview to the American publication “the imes Tribune”, Joseph Grieboski has wished to meet Mustapha Salma so as to hear his story.
The story, which would illustrate the human rights violations committed by the Polisario in Tindouf camps. Mustapha Salma who was, nevertheless, a Polisario senior executive was arrested in September 2010 for having dared to defend the autonomy plan for the Western Sahara proposed by Morocco.
After many weeks of detention under torture, he was finally released in December of the same year. This liberty achieved thanks to an international media campaign and a strong mobilization of human rights organizations, namely HRW and Amnesty International, has remained, nevertheless, uncompleted.

Mustapha Salma was forced back to Mauritania despite of his protests and repeated claims to HRC to put pressure on Polisario and Algeria so as to allow him to meet again his wife and children. It is not only the agony of a man and his family but also that of thousands of other Sahrawi families suffering in Tindouf camps, in an almost general indifference of the international community. It is the story which Joseph Grieboski wants to tell, because, he said, it “can help to shed light on certain atrocities which are committed and which, we hope, would push people to say that this conflict should end”.


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