Sahara: UN wants to clarify the situation in Tindouf camps

One of the most noticed parts of the last Security Council resolution on the Western Sahara, was certainly the interest granted to the difficult situation of the Sahrawi populations living in Algerian camps in Tindouf. In this resolution which extends the MINURSO mandate for one more year till April 2012, the UN Security Council insists, for the first time, on the necessity to start the census of the Sahrawi populations living in hard conditions in Tindouf camps. This way, the international community shows its determination to uncover what’s going on in these camps. It means also that it can no more leave this aberrant situation, maintained by the Polisario and Algeria since more than 35 years. A situation which victims are the Sahrawi populations deprived of their most basic rights which are first of all the freedom of movement and expression. Nevertheless, the young Sahrawis of Tindouf can no more bear such a pressure. The Algerian writer Said Hadef describes this increase in young Sahrawis’ protests against the Polisario leadership, especially since Morocco has proposed the autonomy plan for the Sahara.

The Moroccan proposal « has succeeded in getting the Sahara conflict out of lethargy » to put it on the table of realistic negotiations with the support of the international community. For the Algerian poet and writer, it concerns a turning point. It has a great effect on Tindouf camps, their inhabitants and young Sahrawis living in sequestration since more than thirty five years”, he states with conviction. It is thus “not excluded that this movement gets bigger, looking for means to make its speech progress and adopting an approach to contribute to the resolution of this conflict and avoid the regions the consequences which are the output of the vague desire of the Algerian regime” concluded the Algerian writer.


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