Amnesty denounces the impunity, very common for the torturers in Tindouf camps

For the nth time, a human rights international organization denounces the situation of non right in Tindouf camps in the Algerian territory. In its last report about human rights situation in the world, Amnesty International (AI) has examined the case of the Sahrawi populations sequestrated since 35 years in Tindouf camps, a kind of open air prison. Amnesty denounces particularly the impunity enjoyed by the Polisario torturers, responsible of human rights in these camps, under the passive eye and the complicity of the Algerian authorities.
Amnesty deplores in its report, the fact that despite of the calls launched in this context, no measure was taken « to put an end to the impunity from which benefit those who were accused of having committed violations of human rights in the camps during the 70s and 80s”.

The international human rights organization based in London, points out one of the last case of these violations, that of the former chief of the Polisario police, unfairly arrested and expelled by force from the Algerian territory towards Mauritania. AI reminds that on the last 21st September, “some Polisario executives have arrested Mostafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud who has expressed himself publicly in favour of the autonomy proposal for the Sahara under the Moroccan sovereignty.
Amnesty believes in this context that “the peaceful support to the autonomy plan (presented by Morocco) should not be considered as an act which justifies the restrictions imposed on the freedom of expression”.
Amnesty International makes the government of Algeria as the host country of Tindouf camps; assume “the responsibility to guarantee the respect of the right of freedom of expression on its territory”.
Without talking about the freedom of movement from which are deprived thousands of Sahrawis sequestrated in Tindouf camps, who can not leave unless special authorization from the Polisario leadership.
Such authorization which is granted only after consultation and Algerian authorities’ approval, especially when it has to do with leaving the Algerian frontiers. According to evidences given by some Sahrawi who have succeeded to escape from this hell to join Morocco, the situation in these camps looks strangely like that which was prevailing in certain Nazi concentration centres.


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