Hindrance to the HCR mandate in Tindouf camps denounced in Copenhagen

Algeria as the Polisario hosting country is pointed out by the Moroccan diplomacy for the hindrance     set against the HCR in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them within its mandate in TIndouf camps. The State Secretary to the Cooperation and Foreign Affairs Minister, Latifa Akharbach who was visiting Copenhagen this week, did not mince her words while denouncing the attitude of the Algerian power which did everything to prevent the HCR from fully practising its mandate.
Akharbach has had a series of meetings, in the Danish capital, with many Danish executives and Members of the Parliament. These meetings concentrated on the bilateral cooperation and the last progress in the Western Sahara issue. Pertaining to the adoption of the resolution 1979 by the UN Security Council concerning the renewal of the Minurso mandate, and in relation with the difficulties met by the CHR in Algeria, the Moroccan diplomacy believes that “all those who call, in good faith, for the respect of human rights at the Sahara, should require, in priority, the census and inscription of sequestrated population in Tindouf”. Without such a census, she supports “these populations remain outside any international protection”.

The Moroccan State Secretary in charge of Foreign Affairs has taken the opportunity to remind her Danish interlocutors of the recent creation of the Human Rights National Council, an independent national institution called to play an important role in human rights protection and promotion throughout the national territory especially in the Southern provinces through its regional representation.
She has also talked about the creation of many other institutions, within the frame of the constitutional reforms process, to reinforce and strengthen the democratic edifice in the Kingdom, such as the inter-ministerial delegate for human rights, the mediator institution, the central institution for the struggle against corruption and the competition Council.
The Morocco-Danish consultations have also concerned other than the Sahara issue, the European Union-Morocco relationship, human rights, struggle against terrorism, the situation in North African countries and the investment opportunities in Morocco.


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