CDH : Depriving Sahrawi in Tindouf camps from their legitimate rights worries NGOs

The Polisario depriving the populations of Tindouf camps of their economic, political, civil and cultural legitimate rights, constitutes a real preoccupying issue for humanitarian NGOs. The question has been raised in front of the 17th session of the UN Human Rights Council which took place from 30th May to 17th June in Geneva.
In his intervention on Monday 6th June, the delegate of the International Agency for Development has declared in an open session, the intense preoccupation of this humanitarian action NGO and aid to development, facing the pursuit of the human rights violations in the world. He has deplored in particular the fact that the Polisario deprives the population sequestrated in the camps which it manages in the South-West of Algeria, of their economic, political, civil and cultural rights.
This population, has explained the AIDE representative, continues suffering from severe social discriminations which makes the rate of poverty very high among the sequestrated families out of which thousands of young people suffer also from unemployment and absence of future prospects. The representative of the agency has denounced the misappropriation by the Polisario leaders of the great majority of international aid intended for the Sahrawi populations.

Created in 1986, the AIDE is a non governmental organization represented at the UNO as well as in five  UN Economic and Regional Committees. It has been transformed in April 1998 into a Federation of international agencies for development (AIDE – Federation) presided by Abdelkbir El Hakkaoui. It gathers 341 NGOs  established in 18 countries.
Deploring the serious difficulties to which are confronted the Sahrawi population in Tindouf, the AIDE delegate has drawn the attention of the CDH about the obstacles that lie on the way to the access of the Sahrawi population in Tindouf to a decent education, employment and socio-economic and geographic mobility, and its involvement in the process of decision making and political management of public affairs.
Such violations, states AIDE, are in contradiction with the declaration on the right to development which stipulates that : “in order to promote development, an equal attention and an urgent consideration should be granted to the implementation, promotion and protection of civil, political, social and cultural rights and that, consequently, the promotion, respect and enjoyment of certain human rights and fundamental liberties can not justify the deprivation from other human rights and fundamental liberties”.


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