Overwhelming evidences in Geneva about the misappropriation by the Polisario of humanitarian aids

The Polisario leaders were listed, by an American NGO, for misappropriation of international humanitarian aids intended for the poor populations sequestrated in Tindouf camps in the South-West of Algeria. It is thus the main reason justifying the refusal imposed by Algiers authorities and the Polisario, to the HCR, for proceeding to the census of these populations. Taking the floor on the 10th June 2011, in Geneva, within the 17th session of the UN Human Rights Council, the representatives of the NGO “Teach the Children International”, Nancy Huff and Dona Elizabeth Sams, have in fact, given some evidences very clear about the misappropriation of these aids by the Polisario. They have noticed, themselves and with their own eyes, these horrible acts for having collected themselves these aids before taking them from the United States to Tindouf camps. But these aids, they said, never reach their final destination. Once these aids reach Algeria, they disappear, just by magic, in nature. It is sure that the two representatives of the American NGO do not have proofs about the identity of those who are responsible of these misappropriations, but the tracks of the foodstuff and articles misappropriated are easily detectable on the Algerian or Mauritanian black markets.

In their interventions, Nancy Huff and Dona Elizabeth Sams speak of concrete cases of misappropriation of cargos of dozens of containers composed of foodstuff, medicines and wheelchairs sent in camps starting from the United States, but they did not find tracks of this cargo, once they are returned back to verify their repartition.
“We want to take photos of these aids to give them to donators so as to prove them that their aids have really reached their destination, but our surprise was so big when we realize that only one extremely lonely part has been beneficial to the populations”, said indignantly Dona Sams.
The leaders of the Polisario, they said, “prevented us from distributing these aids directly to the population”. They mentioned the case of the gifts which they wanted to give directly to the Sahrawi children but they have been prevented from getting access to schools. The Polisario leaders, she supported, were afraid to see them account the beneficiaries for a possible census.
Facing the continuing of these practices, the NGO “Teach the Children International” has reached the conclusion that it has no other choice but to suspend the forwarding of these aids towards Tindouf camps, so as not to be supporting the reprehensible practices. The representatives of the American NGO, who went many times in the Polisario camps in Tindouf, have also declared to be revolted against the deplorable life conditions dominating there and the absence of the most basic human rights, as well as the persistence of enslavement.

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