The CDH questioned about the serious violations of human rights by the Polisario

The violation by Polisario torturers of the most basic rights of Sahrawis to employment, education, opinion and movement, daily exactions, human aids misappropriation, internment of small children have been once again denounced in front of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Taking the floor in the plenary of the CDH 17th session, the representative of the International Democrat Centrist (IDC) has drawn the attention of the Council to the human rights violations committed by the Polisario in Tindouf camps, with the complicity of the Algerian civil and military authorities. El M    ami Ahl Ahmed has called on behalf of the IDC, the international NGOs and UN bodies to put pressure on the Polisario and Algeria to push them to put an end to these violations and to see that the international law is applied in Tindouf camps. The Algerian State, main financing source of the Polisario, he supported, is responsible at the same level as the latter, of the exactions that are daily committed on its territory. The IDC, known till 1999 under the name of the Christian Democratic International, has also insisted on the necessity of making a census and recording the Sahrawi populations sequestrated in Tindouf, and has called for the full respect of their right to self-determination. These populations, adds the IDC representative, should be able to decide to remain in Tindouf under the authority of the UN HCR , to return to Morocco, their homeland or go elsewhere.

The IDC, an international political NGO regrouping hundred parties of a Christian-Democratic Centrist, among which the popular European and the Christian Democratic Organization of Latin America, claims also the protection of humanitarian aid intended for the populations in Tindouf camps.
El Mami has denounced the situation in which are living these populations sequestrated in the camps of concentration on the Algerian territory, strongly controlled by the Polisario with the support and blessing of the Hosting country authorities and army.
Most of the people living in these camps, says El Mami Ahl Ahmed do not enjoy even the most basic rights to employment, education, opinion and movement. As an evidence, the representative of the IDC mentions, among others, the high rate of unemployment among the young people, the forced internment of hundred of children towards Cuba for their indoctrination, the repeated misappropriation of international aids and the numerous arbitrary detentions without trial  of innocent Sahrawis. It is only the apparent face of iceberg since the severe control of access to Tindouf camps limits strictly the filtering of information about what really happened.


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