Solidarity of the Sahrawis living in France with one of their Sahrawis in Nouakchott

Some Sahrawis living in France have gone to Nouakchott to express their solidarity witht he Polisario dissident, Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud protesting since beginning of June in front of the HCR against his being arbitrarily  kept away from his family in refugees camps in Tindouf.
The militants of the international association for the rights of the Sahrawi womenn in France, the Association of Morocco-French friendship and the Moroccan Association for autonomy, active in Europe, have thus gone on Wednesday 27 July, on hunger strike for one day in support of Mustapha Salma.
They have come to « know about the situation » of Mustapha Salma who is going on an open sit-in to claim his right to return to his family in Tindouf (Algerian South-West), has declared to the press Hidara Zahra, one of the three leading members of the Sahrawi Association supporting the autonomy project and sustainable development.

Mustapha Salma tells to whom ever wants to hear him that he was « forced by the Polisario Front to remain away from Tindouf camps where his family resides at present. The Polisario accuses him of having openly pleaded in favour of the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Western Sahara, after a family visit  in Smara, in the summer of 2010. After his release in November 2010, he was taken by HCR to the frontiers between Mauritania and the Western Sahara after 71 days of detention and tortures in the Polisario jails in the Algerian desert. The members of these associations have submitted, on this occasion, letters to the HCR, to the Mauritanian Foreign Affairs Ministry  and to the embassy of France in Nouakchott, in which they condemn “the silence concerning the issue of this father” and call to “find a quick solution to this human drama”. They have, furthermore, promised to “return to Mauritania for a stronger and longer action”, if this “inhuman” situation of the Sahrawi militant continues. For Zahra Haidara, the associative militant in France, this action constitutes “ a message to the whole world and won’t be the last one”. The Sahrawi militant rejects the “persistence of this tragedy” which this Sahrawi militant undergoes deprived of his most legitimate rights, adding that an open hunger strike would be started in the near future.
In June, the HCR delegate in Nouakchott, Nada Assaad Merheb, has stated that “a sustainable solution” has been found for “Sidi Mouloud in a European country” (Noway) and that “it had no other choice to propose him”, arguing that he refuses to be far from his country of origin, Morocco and the members of his family who are living separately in Tindouf camps and in the Southern provinces of Morocco.


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