Tindouf camps : The Sahrawi poet Najm Allal who disturbs

In Tindouf camps, we talk only of him since the beginning of the month of Ramadan. Naim Allal, a committed Sahrawi poet and singer who tries by his own means and his artistic talent to introduce some warmth in the unbearable daily life of he sequestrated Sahrawi populations in the Algerian desert, in Tindouf. His troubles with the guards of the temple of Mohamed Abdelaziz, Chief of the Polisario, have started with his last album entitled “the youth of the change”.
As its title indicates, it is an album through which the Sahrawi singer has tried to get inspired from the Arab spring revolts to call for a change in the Tindouf camps leadership, for more democracy, freedom, social equity and justice. He also wanted to unveil, through his songs and poems, the suffering and absolute precariousness which thousands of Sahrawis are enduring for more than 35 years in Tindouf camps.

In this zone of no-right completely isolated from the rest of the world, where only Polisario armed militia supervised by agents from Algerian intelligence services, are making the law, the poet Naim Allal could not do other thing than express through his songs and words, his solidarity with thousands of young Sahrawis who, in their depth, long all of them for change and a better future than the one offered to them in these camps of desolation.
Our singer has perhaps gone a little bit far when he wanted to discredit the Polisario leaders, accusing them of getting rich on the expense of Sahrawi populations’ extreme poverty. But as all realities are not well to say, the Sahrawi singer’s words have been taken seriously and order was given to the Polisario armed militia to get the net closed around the committed poet and the members of his family, especially that the separatist movement leadership suspects Naim Allal of taking part of the an autonomist movement.
Forbidden to be on stage in public, the singer complains of a very unusual and noticed presence of Polisario men during his moving in the camps. He said to be watched day and night by these men and has decided to reduce at the minimum his movements and contacts for fear of reprisals against himself or one of his family members.
By way of solidarity with the Sahrawi singer, the Association of Moroccan Musicians Abroad, while denouncing these acts of harassment against the poet and singer Naim Allal, calls, in a release, all the humanitarian organizations and human rights committees to support the poet/singer, victim of oppression and atrocities of Polisario leaders.
The Associaiton has also got in touch , according to its president, Abderrahim Harchi, with many Arab and European artists and activists to get their support for the Sahrawi singer.


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