The fall of Kadhafi : the shock wave shakes the Polisario

Mohamed Abdelaziz, in a state of utter disarray after the fall of Tripoli, has hastily rejoined Tindouf camps, the Polisario general headquarters in the Algerian West, cutting short his relaxation journey in Italy then at Costa Del Sol. Some sources in Tindouf camps have revealed that as soon as he arrived this beginning of the week, he has held a meeting in emergency with the Front leadership, struggling against Morocco for the control of the Western Sahara.
The quick return of the old wolf of the desert is largely justified. The Polisario leadership knows that the preoccupations of the Front are only starting. With the fall of Kadhafi, the eternal friend, it is the end of the help generously provided by an unconditional ally. The same sources have revealed that the meeting of the Polisario leadership presided by Mohamed Abdelaziz has, for a long time, discussed the means to fill the gap.
Nevertheless, the most embarrassing subject which has almost monopolized the discussions is that of the Polisario fighters arrested by the Libyan rebels. They are at present under control of the Libyan National Council for Transition. Hundreds among them, sent to help the colonel since the beginning of the Libyan uprising, have become prisoners. In Tindouf camps, the families of these desperados attacked the Polisario leaders. They seek, at any price, to get news about their relatives lost in the Libyan mess. The room for manoeuvre is nevertheless reduced for the Polisario leadership. The possibility to negotiate their release is not even being considered, the Libyan CNT having openly shown its hostility to the Polisario for its support to the fallen dictator.

The situation is even more oppressive for the Polisario leaders that they can no more rely on their Algerian Ally. Since the falling of the colonel regime, the Algerian senior executives themselves do not know any more how to manage the acceleration of events at their East frontier. Accused by the Libyan CNT, blamed by their own public opinion and their media, the Algerian authorities do not have any argument to justify their support till the last minute to the dictator of Tripoli.

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