Hooliganism or « political manipulation » in Dakhla ?

Simple acts of hooliganism were transformed by the Polisario accomplices into bloody and deadly confrontations to take the shape of political claims for independence. Some incidents arose after the death of the young supporter injured during the fight happening between the supporters of the local team of football the Mouloudia of Dakhla and those of the team of Chabab Mohammedia, following a match taking place on Sunday in Dakhla.  The outcome of these confrontations has become worse when the two camps started using blackjacks, knives, stones, vandalism acts and even of vehicles to run over innocent people. Some young people from Al Wakala district have been confronting those from the Oumtounsi district. The battle which ended with seven dead persons from both camps, ceased only after the intervention of the army, on Monday evening, in the main roads of the city.

This is the second time that Dakhla, usually a quiet city, becomes the theatre of agitation and bloody provocations on the part of the Polisario supporters, in the Southern provinces of Morocco. Last February, similar incidents have shacked up the city during the organization of its cultural festival which was finally cancelled by the organizers to limit the damages caused by the confrontations between the young inhabitants of the city coming from these same districts. In the two cases, the separatists who receive material help and instructions directly from Rabouni where Polisario has its headquarters in Tindouf camps, have seized the occasion to put the peaceful provinces of the Southern part of the Kingdom to fire and sword. These incidents are magnified excessively by the Algerian media prompted by orders from Algerian generals either still working or the retired ones. The enemies of the integrity of Morocco, at their head the Algerian military oligarchy, their protégés claiming independence supported by certain Algerian and Spanish media, have thus exploited the Dakhla incidents to try in vain to make a great fuss behind the scenes of the UN which is holding right now its 66th session of its general assembly in New York. Hooliganism is a well-known phenomena every where in the world particularly in the world of sports especially football, but also in the Southern provinces of Morocco, the manipulation of such minor incidents for geopolitical and separatists ends has become the speciality par excellence of the Polisario separatists and their Algerian mentors.


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