Algeria : the harassment of human rights defenders on the blacklist

Many national and international NGOs have again called the Algerian authorities to put an end to the « harassment of human rights defenders » in Algeria. A call was launched after the renewed outbreak of intimidations against trade unionists. The condemnation has happened on 30th September, on the part of the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights and the Observatory for the protection of human rights defenders. It concerns a joint program between the International Federation for Human Rights League (FIDH) and the world Organization against torture (OMCT). The call is supported by the CFDA and the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH).

All these organizations « denounce firmly the intensification of the harassing campaign against Algerian trade union militants and human rights defenders”, according to a REMDH release. This call comes at a moment when the Collective of families of the disappeared (CFDA) and the “SOS Disappeared” associations, “Djazairouna” and “Somoud” have called for the organization of a march, on Saturday 8th October, in Paris. This Collective which regroups families and relatives of the people who disappeared during the civil war which took place between 1992 and 2001, struggle for “the truth and justice and against impunity”. We evaluate at more than 8000 the people who have disappeared in Algeria. “Since the implementation of the texts of Charter for peace and national reconciliation, nobody can lodge a complaint against the State’s servants for crimes committed during the 90s, particularly, for the forced disappearances”, deplores the collective. “The families of the disappeared people in Algeria, like all the families of the disappeared people all over the world, need to know the truth about the destiny of their relatives. This is why they do not stop struggling so that deep and impartial  investigation be made to find them”, believes the collective.


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