The autonomy plan to thwart AQMI’s aims in the Sahara

The American senior officials and specialists of the terrorism issues keep warning against AQMI’s aims in the Sahara and its complicity with the Polisairo elements. To thwart this danger which threatens not only the security in the region’s countries but also on other farther countries such as the USA or certain European countries, it is primordial, they believe, to find urgently a solution to the Western Sahara conflict and to demolish the Sahrawi refugees’ camps in Tindouf, in the South West of Algeria. In the same frame, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern affairs, Jeffrey Feltman who was visiting Morocco on Monday, has stated that through its autonomy plan, Morocco has presented “constructive ideas” that may contribute to the final settlement of the Sahara conflict and stand against the aims of the terrorist nebulous of Al Qaida in the region. The USA has assured during a press conference in Rabat, continues supporting the UN process aiming at reaching a final settlement for the Sahara conflict, reaffirming his country’s support to the efforts of the UN Secretary General’s personal envoy, Christopher Ross. A sustainable and mutually accepted solution to this issue, states Jeffrey Feltman, that would contribute to avert terrorists’ threats, the trans-national crime and the drug traffic in the region. Moreover, the kidnapping on Sunday of two Spanish and one Italian humanitarian people in Tindouf camps, under the Polisario control, confirms the warning expressed previously by many American anti-terrorists experts against AQMI aims in the Sahara.

This group of terrorists acting ruthlessly in the Sahel bank next to Algeria, Mali, Niger and Mauritania, wants to make of the Sahara “the next Afghanistan”, has warned the American journalist, Richard Miniter, writer of two bestsellers entitled “Losing Bin Laden” and “Shadow War”. This investigative journalist who has visited Tindouf camps many time, warns against the fact that the terrorist nebulous wants to take benefit from “the frustration of the young people hoping for a better future, fed up of living in an environment where the unique thought is established as a system of governance”. Thanks to money extracted from ransoms imposed in the kidnapping of European citizens, the recruiters of the AQMI terrorist group in collusion with the trans-national networks of drug traffickers, “lure the disillusioned young people with bright prospects made of easy profits”, he has explained. A part from the covetousness of this youth deprived of its most basic rights, AQMI maintains already relationship with about fourteen of the Polisario leaders through traffics of all kinds”, supports Richard Miniter. Besides, the International Centre for Studies on Terrorism (ICTS), reporting to the US Potomac Research, indicates in a report published recently, that the number of attacks committed by AQMI fighters  has known an exponential growth of more than 500 pc since September 11, 2001. The acts of assassination and kidnapping of hostages, being at the head of international news, with the kidnapping last Sunday in Tindouf camps, of three humanitarian people, among whom two are Spanish and one is Italian, “show that without the implementation of real anti-terrorist measures, the threat of this terrorist group will hover over the USA and the EU countries”. For Richard Miniter, given the current state of affairs, Tindouf camps offer all the ingredients to turn into “a stronghold of Al-Qaida”.


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