Tindouf : repression becomes more intense since the kidnapping of the three Western people

An atmosphere of terror prevails in Tindouf camps since the kidnapping, on 23rd October of the two Spanish and one Italian aid workers in the GH of Polisario in Algeria. Giving as an excuse the looking for the kidnappers’ accomplices inside the Sahrawi camps, Polisario increases, in fact, the repression against its opponents. Dozens of arrests and other cases of disappearances were noticed by Sahrawis in the camps. The disappearance of Bachir Salek El Hissen was confirmed because he is the brother of a dignitary who works on the Polisario’s behalf in Geneva, holding an Algerian passport. The harassment of the popular singer Najem Allal, prevented from singing in the camps, and  a dozen of other dissidents, is also established. The Polisario, opposing Morocco and claiming, from Algeria, the independence of the Western Sahara region, has already been pointed out many times for the violent methods it uses against its opponents. Bayat Zighem, a former Polisario official becoming himself a dissident, has unveiled in last September, in front of the UN CDH, in Geneva, the atrocities committed by the Polisario front against the Sahrawi populations in Tindouf.

He was indignant that the Polisario continues since 36 years to impose to the Sahrawi population of Tindouf, a Stalinian regime depriving them from the basic human rights. At the top of these rights, the liberty of expression and liberty of movement which are completely forbidden by the Polisario. This state of non-right was possible only in the absence of international control and refusal to the neutral Western media to access freely to the camps of refugee. These camps which Algeria refuses till now to let any census be made on them. The witnessing of Bayat Zighem was so poignant especially that he was himself a Polisario official before taking some distance from the Front.


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