The Polisario represses savagely the indignant young Sahrawis

The Polisario does not lose its bad habits. Any protest whatever its objectives and motivations are, is fiercely suppressed and nipped in the bud. Since the re-election during the 13th Congress in the ghost locality of Tifariti (90 km at the West of Tindouf), for his 11th consecutive mandate, the Polisario leadership in the person of Mohamed Abdelaziz is highly opposed inside and outside Tindouf camps.
For the young indignated Sahrawis, all the means are good to denounce the legitimacy of those leading them. Regrouped inside the movement of the young people of the Sahrawi revolution, hundreds of young idle people observed since many days a sit-in barricading the main entry of the Hassi Raboni camp hosting the Polisario HQ. In a temporary camp built on the way, the young protesters have written in great letters and along the tarred pavement the slogan “clear off”, addressed to the Polisario chief.

After the diffusion on the net of the news and images of the protest, the Polisario armed watchmen, have received the order to demolish illico presto, the camps, drive away its lodgers and arrest the supposed instigators of these demonstrations. Dozens of young people were thus arrested and led to secret places to be questioned and dozen others have been beaten or seriously injured. Some military trucks have taken everything: tents, banners, temporary huts etc…, at a time when fifty armed militiamen armed with guns and cudgels were on the look-out for fugitives among the protesters. The latter swore to continue their demonstrations in Rabouni or any other camp of Tindouf till the falling of the present leadership and its eternal chief, Mohamed Abdelaziz. The latter is particularly aimed at because the young Sahrawi refugees  know perfectly well that he is not a pure Sahrawi.
Mohamed Abdelaziz, 64 years born in Marrakech, is one of the sons of an officer from the Moroccan army. After having completed his university studies in Rabat, Abdelaziz has no more come back to Morocco since 1974, date at  which his destiny has been linked to that of the Polisario founder, Mustapha El Ouali to whom he succeeded in August 1976. His dying father established in the region of Beni Mellal and his two brothers, one a lawyer in Agadir and the other doctor in Casablanca, are all of them living in Morocco.


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