Tindouf : Fear of reprisals against the Polisario chief’s opponents

The opposition to the Polisario chief, Mohamed Abdelaziz, is getting stronger in Tindouf camps in Algeria, in parallel with the fear of reprisals against the young militants of the Sahrawi revolution. The audacious actions led by the latter, have particularly irritated the Polisario leader who was elected at the head of the Front for the 11th successive mandate without interruption since 35 years. A wave of arrests and intimidations has been launched against many opponents after the writing down, in big characters on the whole width of the road leading to the Polisario general secretariat’s headquarters, of the word “irhal” meaning clear off in Arabic.

A gesture which says too much about the feelings of Sahrawis in Tindouf regarding the Polisario leadership.  The Front which, with the support of Algeria, struggles against Morocco for the independence of the Western Sahara region. The opposition of the young people was aggravated with the nomination of Mohamed Abdelaziz at the head of the Polisario for the 11th time at a stretch. An “election” which was considered as a real provocation in Tindouf. And, after more than three decades of fruitless waiting in the poor camps of Tindouf, most of the Sahrawis consider the Polisario leadership to be responsible for the deadlock in the negotiations with Morocco to reach a settlement. The continuation of Mohamed Abdelaziz at the head of the Polisario has caused deep ripple in Tindouf camps, as attested in a confidential document of the security services. An official from these services, Mohamed El Ouali Aguig, has stated in a confidential note, his fears to see the dissatisfaction increasing to the point of shaking the authority of the Polisario leadership.


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