Human Rights: Bouteflika Should Clean up his Own Backyard

Morocco does not need to receive any human rights lessons from anybody and least of all from the Algerian regime leaders who have reportedly caused the death of some 100,000 Algerian citizens during the black decade (1992/2002.)
The death toll during this decade has exceeded 250,000, according to the MAOL (Algerian Free Officers’ Movement.)
It is for this reason that King Mohammed VI said in his speech of last Wednesday marking the 38th anniversary of the Green March that Rabat did not need to “receive lessons” , and especially not from those (Algeria and Polisario ) that “systematically violate human rights.”

The harassment orchestrated against Morocco, its sovereignty and its symbols by the Algerian regime, which embodies the “last dictatorship” in North Africa, finds its explanation, according to analysts, in the Algerian leaders’ hegemonic aims and their willingness to impose their leadership across the region at the expense of Morocco and the Moroccan people.
No Need to recall that the terrorist gangs which are spreading terror throughout the Sahel stripe (GIA , GSPC and AQIM ) are a pure fabrication of the powerful Algerian Military Intelligence Services ( DRS) headed by General Mohamed Lamine Mediène aka Toufik.
The DRS’ involvement in terrorism and its destabilizing actions against neighboring countries are no longer a mystery and all Algerians know everything about the practices of these notorious services.
Most of the emirs heading the terrorist groups operating in the Sahel and in the Tindouf camps are Algerians appointed by the DRS officers that fund them and order them what to do as was the case during the jihadist rebellion in Mali in 2012.
Moreover, the documented involvement of the DRS in the terrorist attack against the Amenas gas site last January, killing many Westerners, hurried the recent restructuring of the notorious services.
An American expert on national security issues at the prestigious U.S. Naval War College and former officer of the U.S. intelligence, John R. Schindler, recalls in this connection, that the head of the Malian security services assigned with fighting the infiltration of Algerian jihadists into the Malian territory had told the press in 2009 that “the DRS is at the core of AQIM.”
Unfortunately, a short time after his statement, the Malian security official was found dead. His assassination had been officially imputed to “unknown gunmen” but in reality it was the misdeed of the DRS.
The Algerian regime leaders who have at their disposal the oil windfall no longer limit themselves to order coward, dirty tasks. They also lavishly pay all international NGOs, associations and lobbyists in quest of easy money to campaign against Morocco.
In view of the Algerian regime’s hostility, Moroccans could no longer stay on the defensive. It was time to put the record straight.


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