Tindouf: Polisario Leaders’ Recipe to Get Rich

The Polisario leaders and their irremovable boss Mohamed Abdelaziz seek all and every means to fill their pockets, even if at the expense of the survival of thousands of children and defenceless women.
The unscrupulous leaders of the separatist movement do not hesitate to tap into international humanitarian aid to get rich. Intermediaries sell the international donations on Algerian, Mauritanian and Malian black markets and put the returns in banking accounts opened by Polisario leaders abroad.
Algerian official sources confirm the serious deterioration of living and health conditions of women and children in the refugee camps in Tindouf where food and medical rations are increasingly trimmed down.

Meanwhile, the population sequestered for almost forty years in the open-air prison is paying the price of the dictatorship of Mohamed Abdelaziz and his Algerian mentors. Women and children are suffering from acute malnutrition, slow growth, gastritis, and thyroid pathologies.
These poor living conditions are exacerbated by the decline of humanitarian aid, after donor countries and humanitarian organizations and NGOs discovered how the food and medical aid is often embezzled by the Polisario leaders with the complicity of Algerian army officers.
Yet, Algeria, whose coffers are full of petrodollars and which injects billions of dollars in armament, could easily feed these hungry populations without relying on any help from abroad. But Algerian leaders pretend not to see the dire living conditions in the camps so that the hungry Sahrawis remain concerned by their livelihood and have no time to focus on the political and security management of the camps.
They fear that if living conditions improve, the Sahrawi refugees will start claiming rights and holding the Polisario leadership accountable for the slowness and mismanagement of the settlement process of the Sahara issue that Algeria uses as a trump to blackmail and weaken neighboring Morocco.


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