Morocco gives little interest to Polisario’s military maneuvers

The Moroccan government has given little interest to the latest military maneuvers organized earlier this week by the Polisario in the Agouinit buffer zone.

The Polisario’s show of force actually reflects “its dismay and the dislocation of its ranks following the success of Morocco in the defense of its territorial integrity”, commented Thursday, the Spokesman of the Moroccan government, Mustapha El Khalfi, said.

Morocco disregards the separatists’ provocations and maneuvers, Khalfi said during a press briefing in Rabat. “Today, the Kingdom advances firmly in the defense and consolidation of its territorial integrity, and acts on the ground as evidenced by its successful development model, which is paying off,” he added.

“Anyone who visits the region (southern Kingdom) realizes the volume of ongoing transformations and the development projects underway that will create a new economic pole,” Khalfi said, alluding to the industrial zones planned to be set up in Laayoune, at the request of the association of Moroccan employers, the CGEM, which vowed to invest in the region.

At the political level, Mustapha Khalfi highlighted the progress made by the Kingdom both in Africa, through its strategic partnerships, and at the United Nations level. These advances give Morocco a good head start over the opponents of its territorial integrity.

The African Union (AU) is no longer that platform that was used by Morocco’s opponents to harm its supreme interests, he pointed out, adding that Morocco is now emerging on the African continent as a power, alongside other countries working to defend Africa’s causes in the areas of youth, migration, security, etc.

Besides, the Government spokesman went on to say, the Kingdom has also scored this year significant victories at the meetings of the Fourth Committee of the UN, and those of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, “thanks to the far-sighted vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI”.