Gdim Izik: Intriguing silence of international NGOs!

gdim-izikThe deafening silence of some international human rights NGOs on the barbaric and unjustified crimes committed by pro-Polisario trouble makers during the dismantling of the Gdim Izik camps near Laayoune in southern Morocco on November 8, 2010 is raising several questions.

Five years after the carnage that was widely publicized on social networks, families of the eleven victims, all elements of the Moroccan law enforcement forces, are desperately waiting for the solidarity and support of these NGOs.

These NGOs, including Amnesty International (AI), Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) and other UN agencies have seemingly one sole goal: get the liberation of the Sahrawi criminals who had been sentenced on Feb. 16, 2013 by a Moroccan military court for their documented involvement in the Gdim Izik murders.

In a timid action to pay a posthumous tribute to the victims and to warn against the reduction or the cancellation of the sentences handed to the murderers, the Coordination of the Gdim Izik victims’ families and friends has addressed letters to the UN and the UNHRC to raise their awareness to this tragedy and to details that are still undisclosed.

The association seeks to foil the attempts by international NGOs to get the release of the 24 authors of the crime, at a time their case has been referred to the court of Appeal, says one of the association members, Ahmed Atertour.

“How international NGOs and unfortunately some Moroccan politicians dare stage a campaign for the release of murderers while they utterly ignore the victims?” protests Ahmed Atartour.

According to the e-journal Yabiladi, the members of the Moroccan Association joined to the letters addressed to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and to the HRC President Zaid Bin Raad videos showing how the eleven law enforcement agents had been slaughtered by hooded young men.

Contrary to the defendants who are supported by international NGOs and whose case is followed by the UN and the UNHRC, the victims were thrown into oblivion and their rights were not restored, deplore the Coordination members.

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